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  • New Outlook Add-in
  • Version
  • 1.4
  • Release date
  • September 7, 2021


New features

  • Status badges: We have embed status badges that show the status of your email in your Inova Partnering Platform. This way, you can now identify at a glance if your email and its contacts have already been push to an object or not.
    Those badges are dynamic and update immediately after pushing an email or when switching from one email to another, whether using contextual search or typeahead search.


  • We've improved success and error messages to make them more relevant to users.
  • Typeahead search has been improved to strengthen the relevance of returned results.
  • The look and feel of the user interface has been improved to enhance the overall user experience:
    • We now show a red exclamation mark when something is wrong.
    • When creating a new object, you are now redirected to your Inova application with just one click.
    • We rolled out an improved login page that aligns with our other products. The new look is cleaner, fresher and easier on the eyes.

Bug fixes

  • Control characters in the email body sometimes prevented emails from being successfully pushed to the Inova Partnering Platform and users were then getting an error message (eg "Invalid white space character (0x4) in text to output (in xml 1.1, could output as a character entity")). This issue is now resolved.
  • When pushing an email to the Inova Partnering Platform failed, the add-in sometimes incorrectly indicated that the email has been successfully pushed. This is now fixed.