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Guidelines to upload documents on Lead Space

For security reasons but also to ensure best performance, we use a set of rules and limitations to control the files that can be stored on Lead Space.

Supported File Formats

Lead Space supports the following file types:

Extension Description

.doc, .docx


Microsoft Word document

Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat)




Electronic messages saved in a plain text file

Microsoft Outlook Mail Message file


.jpg, .jpeg


JPEG image

PNG image


.ppt, .pptx

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation


.xls, .xlsx

Microsoft Excel workbook

Files with an extension other than those listed above, with multiple file extensions, or no file extension at all are not supported.

Macro enabled files (such as .docm, .pptm, .xlsm, etc) are not supported.

File size limitations

Maximim size limit for an individual file 25 MB (25,000 KB)
Minimum size limit for an individual file 1 KB

For best performance, we recommend that you keep your file size under 10MB (10,000 KB) whenever possible.

You can check the file size of your document by locating it on your computer, right-clicking on it and then selecting "Properties".

Please note that you may experience timeout issues with files below the maximum allowed size, depending on your internet connection.

File name rules

The maximum length for a filename is defined as 255 characters.

You can name files using almost any character, except for the following reserved characters/symbols:

< left angle bracket or less-than sign > right angle bracket or more-than sign
\ back slash / forward slash
: colon ; semicolon
, comma ? question mark
" double quote * asterisk
& ampersand | vertical bar or pipe


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