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As we move towards a monthly product release schedule, we’ll start to communicate releases involving our entire product suite.

Inova Partnering Platform

UAT: September 21, 2021
PROD: October 5, 2021

Technical Improvements

  • Enhancements have been made to support integrations with other Inova products. We’ve built new integrations and strengthened existing integrations with the following products:
    • Lead Space, our brand-new module for the Inova Partnering Platform, which will officially launch on Tuesday, September 21st. Lead Space is built to bring more focus, efficiency, and collaboration to S&E teams. Contact your CSM or Account Executive if you’re interested in learning more.
    • The Due Diligence module, built for compliance and internal collaboration, now includes a two-way communication with the Inova Partnering Platform.
    • The Opportunity Portal (Version 2), built for capturing external partnering inquiries online, now offers more flexibility involving assigning roles to contacts.
  • For clients using Alpha Vantage, we now have a new API integration which allows for more financial indicators within the Inova Partnering Platform.

More details on recent updates involving other Inova Products.

Lead Space

PROD: September 22, 2021


  • There’s now direct access to company profiles. Previously, users accessed company profiles through leads. Company profiles contain any related leads.
  • The view of lead details has improved, making it easier to find essential information like when a lead was created and last updated.
  • UI/UX enhancements include a prompt to refresh lead lists when needed and the re-naming of buttons to be more concise.

Due Diligence Module

UAT: September 21, 2021
PROD: October 5, 2021


  • There’s a new administration page for managing the application settings, including field configuration, theme configuration, and Inova Partnering Platform project data mapping.
  • We’ve added a Due Diligence report template to allow field declarations directly on the Word template, report footer placement and configuration, and error handling during an upload.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve corrected the issue involving ratings and values table on Due Diligence report was not filled in correctly.
  • We also fixed the deployment error caused by field column size.