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  • Inova

Inova Partnering Platform

UAT: October 19, 2021
PROD: November 2, 2021


  • We improved the integration between the Inova Partnering Platform and Lead Space. You can now have a direct link to a Lead Space company profile within the Inova Partnering Platform. With this improvement, you can quickly access any information gathered by other teams on a company in Lead Space. Company_LS_Link.png

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Lead Space

PROD: October 20, 2021


  • We made significant improvements involving the ability to efficiently filter leads.
    • To improve the readability and usability of lead filters, improvements have been made to the design of the filters. Available filters have been organized in different collapsible sections to help users easily locate the filters they want to use. The call-to-action buttons, such as "Apply", have been made more obvious.
    • Additional filters have also been added to generate simple reports for: Discovery Date, Modified Date, Created By, Modified By, and Decline or On Hold Reason.
  • We made improvements on the default order of leads.
    • In lead lists, the default order was by company name. It has been changed to descending order of update date. Now, the most recently created or modified lead appears at the top.
  • We made improvements to the manual lead creation process.
    • After an organization is searched and selected, if the user goes back to the previous step, the organization search result was not preserved. It is now preserved. If the user makes a mistake, they can easily go back to the organization selection step to choose the right organization.
  • We also made small design improvements:
    • The alignment of fields on Lead Details has been improved.
    • The action button on URLs has been positioned closer to the link, making it more obvious to users.