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What is Admin Center?

We’ve launched a new Admin Center to offers a more streamlined and universal way to manage users across all Inova apps, from one place. Aligned with security best practices, it’s built on next generation technology and has a new and intuitive design.

From Admin Center, Admins now have an holistic view of all users from Inova apps, with the possibility to create or disable users, add & edit users details, reset passwords and manage Admin privileges.

However, you’ll continue to manage group memberships (e.g., Read Write user access to the in-licensing module) in the existing administration module of the Inova Partnering Platform. There is a direct link for quick access between the new Admin Center and the existing administration module.

Watch our short video to get a sneak peek of Admin Center:

Benefits at a glance

A more global approach to management

    • Manage users for all Inova apps, including the Inova Partnering Platform, Lead Space and the new Admin Center itself.
    • Easily report on user licenses including designated business profiles (e.g., BD Oncology).

A security by design approach

    • Admins can create, modify or disable users without ever accessing the Inova Partnering Platform.
    • Track admin actions through detailed audit logs.

Technical Highlights

  • Built on Inova’s Proprietary IAP Backend Stack and Quasar Frontend Framework
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Data At Rest Encryption
  • Transport Layer Security v1.2
  • No Access to Users Credentials