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  • Lead Space
  • Version
  • 1.26.0
  • Release date
  • January 26, 2022


New features

  • Reply to comments - It is now possible to reply to your colleagues' comments to keep the discussion going.
  • Connection to Inova Data - This new integration will automatically give you access to the content of Inova Data profiles directly inside your Lead Space platform. Those profiles contain companies and assets descriptions, links to the corresponding company websites, and related publications to facilitate and accelerate your initial evaluation process.


  • The experience managing email notifications settings has been improved. It is now easier to switch from detailed notifications to larger categories.
  • The quick search now allows you to easily access advanced search and new record creation when no results are found.
  • In the list of all your leads, the parent briefs are now more apparent. You can open the details of a brief directly from the list.
  • Style consistency has been improved throughout the platform.
  • The navigation between lists and the leads page after updating or creating records has been improved.
  • A short delay has been added before showing tooltips to improve comfort during navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • In your list of leads saved filters, the filters with very long names do not break the display anymore.
  • Some Inova Data profiles with mentions of clinical indications that do not have a specific development phase are now displayed properly.
  • Unnecessary scrollbars that could appear during navigation or after resizing your browser window have been removed.
  • In leads import, fixed a glitch that invited the user to view the result of the import even when no leads were created.
  • Also in the leads import, it was in some cases possible to upload a file before selecting a destination brief. You now always have to select a brief before choosing a file to import.
  • Minor issues with error messages that could appear during emails uploads.