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Comments are a terrific tool for simple collaboration on leads. It is now possible to reply to your colleagues' comments to keep the discussion going.

Benefits and Value

  1. It is easier to identify which comments are related to one another and to follow the thread of the conversation.
  2. It is possible to have several discussions in parallel, organized by topics.
  3. Contributor-type users' participation is more valuable as it can be put in the context of discussions.

How Does it Work?

It is now possible to reply to comments. Click on the button Reply to post your response and see your message appear below the initial comment.

It is not possible to reply to another reply, only to an initial comment.

This makes it convenient to organize conversations, without the complexity that comes with reading complex tree-structures of messages.

Users with roles Manager and Contributor who can access the lead can reply to their colleagues' comments.

Detailed Description

Updates and Deletions

Like usual comments, replies can be deleted updated, and deleted, by the user who posted the comment.

It is not possible to delete a comment that has replies. To delete a comment that already received replies you will need to delete all the replies first.

Features Available in Replies

You can also use rich text editions in replies and insert tables, use mentions, or add links.

Users mentioned in replies will also be notified by email.

Documents attached to comments and replies are coming very soon.

Order of Replies and Navigation

  • Initial comments are ordered per creation date (the most recent at the top) in order to always have the most recent discussions visible on the page.
  • Replies under each comment are ordered also per date but with the most recent at the bottom. This was made so that the user can read the conversation in a natural way: each new reply comes under the previous one. A button view more is available to load older messages if there are more than 10 replies.

All the replies can also be hidden or shown in a collapsible section.

Technical Considerations

If the comment section contains more that 10 replies, a pagination system is implemented to navigate more easily.