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About Inova Data

Inova Data combines a database of assets and companies' profiles and a Data Engine built to analyze and enrich these profiles and provide intelligence such as recommendations, segmentation, or alerts.

The service is built by Inova and powers:

  • Partnering Intelligence, our service to support and accelerate scouting of new leads.
  • Automatic enrichment, autocomplete, and recommendation features in our partnering platforms suite.

Inova Data leverages automatic and data science-powered enrichment to bring you updated profiles of companies and projects active in the partnering space and looking for partnerships.

Connection to Inova Data

The integration will automatically give you access to the content of Inova Data profiles directly inside your Lead Space platform. Those profiles contain companies and assets descriptions, links to the corresponding company websites, and related publications to facilitate and accelerate your initial evaluation process.

When creating a new lead, the platform will automatically autocomplete the company and asset names with the content found in the database. It will make entering and describing new leads faster and easier.

Once a lead is created, you can quickly view your lead page's corresponding profiles and publications. If the lead was created without an Inova Data reference, you can search the database for matching records at any time. If the linked asset is not the one you had in mind initially, you can easily remove the reference and look for a new one.

The process also boosts your Excel import. Our algorithms will automatically match your leads to our records and enrich your leads with more partnering data during every import.

The problem we want to solve

  • Data entry in any SaaS platform is time-consuming and often cumbersome. It is the main barrier to adoption.
  • Evaluations rely on the quantity and quality of the data about the company and assets.
  • Partnering information is scattered around many sources: conference platforms, websites, publications platforms, databases, internal shared folders, etc.


The connection to Inova Data greatly accelerates and facilitates the lead creation process. It lets the user focus on the project at hand thanks to company and asset names autocomplete.

It significantly reduces the time required to gather and organize data about the opportunity. The integration gives direct access to profiles, including financial information and the link to the company website and publications related to the project.

As the time dedicated to the early stages of the evaluation of new projects is usually short, it also drives better-informed decisions.

How does it work?

Lead creation

During the lead creation process, Inova Data autocompletes companies and assets names with the records found in the database. If any of them is a match, your platform will keep the reference of the record of the database. This will allow you to see the corresponding profiles directly from your lead page.

The platform will use an autocomplete algorithm to identify companies and assets with names close to the user’s input. It will first look for companies you already registered in your platform and will add any matching result found in Inova Data.

Once a company has been selected, the platform will directly show you the corresponding assets registered.

You can of course still choose to create a new company or asset manually if you do not find any matching record. Inova Data is updated and curated continuously and you will probably be able to look for a new profile in a near future.
The autocomplete feature is also a great way to reduce duplicates in your database during the creation of a lead, as it shows you quickly which records already exist in your application.
The autocomplete is available for both users with Manager and Contributor roles to guarantee the best data quality possible in your platform.

Lead import

During leads bulk import, our algorithm will automatically match the companies and assets based on the ones found in your Excel spreadsheet.

The automatic matching is only made if the quality of the match is high enough. Our advanced algorithms are made to reduce false positive to the minimum and guarantee a reliable matching.

Lead enrichment

In leads linked to Inova Data, go to the dedicated tab to view the company and asset profiles.

Profiles are based on information provided during partnering conferences and curated both manually and automatically. They contain:

  • Company description and financial data.
  • The link to the company website.
  • Asset classification and development information.
  • Publications.
As our database is built from conference data, it contains mostly companies active in the partnering space. No need to endlessly comb through list of discontinued projects to find what you are looking for.
Our data is continuously curated and enriched. An upcoming feature in 2022 will allow you to receive the updates or new content available about your leads in evaluation directly in your notifications.
Users with both Manager and Contributor roles can access the content of the enriched profiles.

Manual Link and Unlink

It is possible to search records corresponding to your lead and get access to Inova Data profiles at any time. If your lead does not reference any profile yet, go to the Data tab in your lead and use our smart search feature.

It will automatically search the whole database and will inform you of any potential match. You will be then able to view the content of the profiles found and link any of them to your lead for faster access later on.

If the related profile is wrong, or if you want to look for other possible matches, you can unlink the asset or the company at any time. Once unlinked, you will get access to the smart search to identify other potential hits.

Unlinking a company will automatically unlink all the related leads linked to assets. This can save a lot of cleanup time, but can impact several records at once. Undoing this would mean linking again each record manually. But don’t worry, the platform will inform you of all the impacted leads before you confirm your decision!
Only users with the role Manager can search Inova Data and manage the links to the database.