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  • Due Diligence Module
  • Version
  • 1.7.0
  • Release date
  • March 8, 2022


What's new

  • Search Bar: A search bar has been added on the home page.

What's enhanced

  • Support for KeyCloak Authentication: The Due Diligence module now supports both OpenAM and KeyCloak for user authentication.
  • Download/Upload Button: Administrations can now enable or disable the report download/upload option through a new toggle.
  • Spring Framework: The Spring framework has been upgraded to mitigate log4j vulnerability.
  • Expert Page: Session keep-alive have been added to allow longer timeouts on expert page.
  • Home Page: The home page has been redesigned for enhanced view of projects. The projects are now displayed in cards with additional metadata, and each section is separated in accordion view.
  • "New Projects" Page: Project entries are now sorted in alphabetical order on the “New Projects” page, and auto-complete is available.
  • Support for Expert Users: Support for expert users who are not users of the Inova Partnering Platform is now available.

What's fixed

  • Security: Cross site scripting support has been updated for enhanced security.
  • Email Template: The hyperlink support on notifications is now fixed, as well as the upload error.
  • Expert Removal: The error when experts were removed from a functional area is now fixed.