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  • Lead Space
  • Version
  • 1.30.0
  • Release date
  • March 23, 2022


What's new

  • Next Steps Assignment and Due Date:

    In the Activities tab of a lead, you can now assign a collaborator to a next step. This collaborator must first be assigned to the brief, to be then assigned to a next step of a lead related to this brief.

    Additionally, you can now indicate a due date for the next steps of a lead. To select a date, click on a day of the calendar, and if you wish to remove the selected date, click again on the same day of the calendar.

What's enhanced

  • Duplicate Detection in Imports: The import feature now handles the detection of duplicates. If you try to import a lead in a brief, and this lead already exists with the same company in the same brief, it won't be created.

What's fixed

  • Brief Description: When creating a new brief, a standard template is automatically provided for the description in the Brief definition field. You can now remove the content of the template to enter your own brief description.