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This section explains how to create, edit, merge or delete the values of all the lists that you can find throughout the different fields of the platform, as well as the tags of a brief or a lead. For instance, this applies to the lists appearing in the Development phase, Asset type, Technologies, Country fields and much more.

This feature is only available to the users with Business Administrator rights.
For the list values that are linked to Inova Data, specific rules apply. See the last section of this article for more details.


This feature allows you to customize the platform to fit your specific needs and processes. At the same time, customizing the lists and tags can be a repetitive and time-consuming task, so the goal is to offer you a way to manage those values quickly and in bulk.

How does it work?

If you're a user with Business Administrator rights, you can see at the top-right corner of your screen in the user menu a Platform section with a Settings entry. This menu entry leads to the business administration page of the platform where list values and tags can be managed.

You can find in the Fields tab all the list values available in the fields of the platform, including the tags for the briefs and the leads. They’re grouped by location in the platform: Lead, Lead Asset, Lead Technology, Brief, Company. To manage one of the lists, click on the desired list, a column will open on the right side of your screen.

Add a new value

Click on the Add button on the side column, a pop-up window will appear. Enter the name of the value you want to add and click Add or press Enter. Add_a_new_value.png

Edit a value

On the side column, click on the little pencil icon next to the value you want to edit. Click on the blue check icon to validate the modification.
For tags, you can also edit the related icon and its color.

Delete a value

On the side column, click on the other actions icon next to the value you want to delete. Then click on Delete, a popup window will appear to ask you to confirm the deletion.

If a value assigned to an object (briefs, leads, or companies) is deleted, all the related entities will be updated. E.g., you can delete a clinical indication linked to 12 leads. In that case, those 12 leads will be updated.


Bulk delete several values

On the side column, you can select one by one the values you want to delete. You can also select them all at once by ticking the box at the top of the list next to Label. Click on the Delete button which appeared above. A popup window will appear to ask you to confirm the deletion.

Merge several values

On the side column, select the values you want to merge. Click on the Merge button which appeared above. A popup window will appear to ask you to confirm the merge.Merge_List_Value.png
On the popup window, you need to specify the destination value that will replace the merged values, in the Merge into field. The destination value can either be an existing value, selected for the merge or not, or a new value created during the merging process. When selecting the destination value, the values previously selected for the merge will be recommended by default. 

Any values (linked to Inova data or not) can be merged. Still, if one of the values was coming from Inova Data, it will be presented again to you the next time you try to assign it to an object (briefs, leads or companies). In that case, the merge allows for reassigning values quickly to entities but does not delete the previous values.

Managing list values linked to Inova Data

You're notified of a list linked to Inova Data by the little blue database icon next to it. These lists are composed of default values linked to Inova Data and of custom values that you can add yourself.

You can edit the name of custom values in these lists. On the contrary, it is not possible for default values.

You can remove and delete permanently custom values from these lists. You can also remove default values, but as they're linked to Inova Data, they will only be deleted locally for you. This way, they won't be visible in your leads or companies anymore, but they will still be available in the reference database.