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  • Admin Center
  • Version
  • 1.26.0
  • Release date
  • June 1, 2022


What's enhanced

  • Warning Message When Closing a Popup Window: You are now notified that the data you've input in certain popup windows will be lost. When you click outside of the window a warning message appears, instead of directly closing the window and dropping the data.Admin_Center_-_Popup_message.png
  • User List Column Order: The default order of the columns in your user list is now more relevant to your usage. The most important columns come first in order, and the least important ones appear at the end.
  • Views Default Sorting: We've implemented a default sorting configuration for the views. When you switch from one view to another, you are now always provided with a proper order to display the information.

What's fixed

  • User Creation Issue: We've fixed a rare issue where some of the users sometimes couldn't create new users.
  • Security: We've fixed a low-impact access security issue.