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  • Lead Space
  • Version
  • 2.3.0
  • Release date
  • June 15, 2022


What's new

  • New Homepage: ​Save time with our brand-new homepage. It includes helpful information on leads​ and upcoming tasks​ to help you stay organized. And the best part – we offer quick links for easy access.​ LS_-_Homepage.png
    In the dashboard section, the number on the left indicates the total amount of active leads in your company, while the number on the right indicates more specifically the active leads you are assigned to. These numbers are based on the default Saved Filters of the leads list. For each indicator, you can see how many leads have been added in a given period. You can customize this time period. 
    A progression bar gives you the distribution of the deals depending on the stage they're currently in. Everything is clickable and redirects you to the related leads list.

    In the task section, you can see the list of tasks and evaluations that are assigned to you. This section will help you quickly identify the upcoming work to do. This list is ordered by the due date of the tasks.

What's enhanced

  • Declined leads: You can now edit leads even after they've been declined. All the fields can be updated and documents and emails can be uploaded. LS_-_Leads_declined.png
  • Brief Attachments: You can now attach documents to a brief in the dedicated tab Attachments. All the PDF and image documents can be previewed.
    You must be owner of the brief to perform this action.
  • Lead Comment Attachments: You can now attach documents to lead comments, whether they're new documents or existing lead documents. LS_-_Leads_comment_attachement.png
  • Clone Accepted and Declined Leads: You can now clone accepted and declined leads into another brief. LS_-_Lead_Clone.png