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  • Lead Space
  • Version
  • 2.4.0
  • Release date
  • June 29, 2022


What's new

  • Private Brief Notifications: We've set up new notifications to let you know when you're given access to a private brief, or when a brief that you own was changed to public or private access. LS_-_Brief_Access_Control_-_Notifications.png
  • Reallocation of Lead's Ownership Within a Private Brief: 
    When you remove the access of some users to a private brief, you can now reassign the leads they previously owned in this brief to a new user. 

    First, you need to make sure the new user you will select is part of the list of owners of the brief.

    Then, click the "x" deletion icon to remove the access for the user you want to exclude from the private brief you're in.
    Lastly, select a new owner for the leads previously owned by the now-excluded user, among the existing owners of the brief.LS_-_Brief_Access_Control_-_Reallocate_Lead_Ownership_2.png
  • Evaluations: You can find the evaluations within the Activities tab of a lead. We call evaluators the users that are invited to contribute to the evaluation of the leads contained in a brief.
    The Evaluation feature is available in BETA mode only. If you're interested in having a look at the feature before its official launch, please contact your Inova Customer Success Manager.
    Title and Due Date: You can now update the title and the due date of an evaluation. LS_-_Evaluations_Renaming.png

    Close/Open Status Notification: When you close or reopen an evaluation contained in a lead, you can now notify the other evaluators of the lead. LS_-_Evaluations_Notifications.png

    User's Access: In a public brief, the evaluators can be invited to contribute to the evaluation of a lead, without being part of the owners of this brief. On the contrary, if you decide to make a brief private, you'll need to make the evaluators owners of the brief, so that they're still able to access the evaluations.

    You can identify the evaluators who don't have access anymore to the evaluations after you've turned a brief to private access. To do so, go to the evaluation. Click the Invite button. They're now shown greyed out in the list of invitees. If you want to grant them access, you'll need to add them to the list of owners of the brief. Otherwise, you can remove them from the list of evaluators by clicking the "x" deletion icon.
    Note that the greyed-out users have no longer access to the evaluation BUT will remain listed here if either they created the evaluation or already contributed to it.

What's enhanced

  • Lead Title: You can now have more characters in the title of the leads.
  • Brief and Lead's List Value Search: We've improved the sorting of results when you search the list values in a lead or a brief. When you type only one letter, the values starting with that letter will show up first in the list. When you type more than one letter, what you typed will be highlighted in the values showing up. LS_-_List_Values_Search.png