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Partnering is mainly made of interactions between people, either during the initial evaluation of new opportunities or later during the collaboration. So it's essential to know the point of contact with each potential partner company.
The Contacts page allows you to keep track of all the people you interacted with and record information about them.  LS_-_Contacts_page.png

The contact profiles include useful information such as:

  • Name, job title, company, salutations, and office location.
  • Contact details: email address, phone number, LinkedIn or other social profiles.
  • Related leads: role in the lead and whether or not the contact is a key contact.
  • Notes.

LS_-_Contacts_page_details.pngAll this information is publicly available for all the users on the platform.

How Does It Work?

Create a Contact

Go to the Contacts page, click the Create contact button and fill in all the information. First name, Last name, and Company are the three minimal mandatory fields that you need to fill in. LS_-_Contacts_creation.png

Edit or Delete a Contact

You can edit or delete a contact by clicking the Manage button at the top right of the contact's profile. LS_-_Contacts_Edit_Delete.png

Link a Contact to a Lead or a Company

You can link a contact to a lead or a company following the same process described below.

Linking contacts to a lead is useful to quickly identify the people you need to interact with within the partner company to progress on your lead. 

Linking contacts to a company is useful to keep your contact database well structured and organized.

  1. Select the lead in which you want to add a contact.
  2. Go to the Contacts tab of the lead. LS_-_Contacts_Link_to_lead_1.png
  3. Click Add contact. Type the name of the contact you wish to add to filter down the list of existing contacts. Then either choose the existing contact in the list or create it by clicking the Add button.  LS_-_Contacts_Link_to_lead_3.png
  4. You can then select the role of this contact for this lead and specify if they're a key contact. We offer four default options to choose among for the role, but you can add more options in the list values via the Fields page if you're a business administrator.

Filter Contacts

Filtering contacts can be useful to quickly get access to the contacts you're interested in.
Click the Filter button. LS_-_Contacts_Filter_1.png
A filter panel will open on the left end of your screen. LS_-_Contacts_Filter_2.png

Export Contacts

Exporting contacts can be useful for reporting purposes outside of the platform.
Click the Export button. The Excel export will starts automatically and will contain data based on the filters applied. LS_-_Contacts_Export.png