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  • I'm expecting Single Sign-On to work but I'm getting prompted for credentials each time I use the Outlook add-in. Why?

    For users to be authenticated silently thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO) when using the Outlook add-in, some Internet Explorer security settings need to be adjusted.

    This can be done individually by each user or more globally applied to all users by your Administrator.

    More precisely, some URLs related to your Inova application must be added the Internet Explorer Local Intranet Sites dialog box. Here is how to do so :


    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
    2. On the Security tab, click Local Intranet, and then click Sites.
    3. Click Advanced, and then type: https://*.partneringplace.com (or at least https://yourcompany.partneringplace.com and https://app.partneringplace.com) in the Add this Web site to the zone box.
    4. Click Add, click OK, click OK, and then click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.
    5. Restart your computer.
    If you cannot change these settings, this probably means that they are centrally managed by your Administrator via group policy.


    Administrators can set a Group Policy Object (GPO) that will add those URLs to the Local Intranet sites zone on Internet Explorer for all users. 

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  • When I click on the Outlook Inova tab "Settings" button, nothing happens. What can I do?

    If nothing happens when you click on the Outlook Inova tab "Settings" button, it probably means that the configuration file has been somehow corrupted.

    In this case, to fix this issue you need to recreate this configuration file by deleting (or renaming) it, at which point the Outlook add-in will recreate the "user.config" file automatically. 

    Here is how to do so :

    1. Stop Outlook.
    2. Delete (or rename) the configuration file labeled "user.config".
      You will find this file on your computer, in the following location :
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Inova Software\PartnerPushAddIn\settings

    If you cannot find the AppData folder, here is a workaround:

    • Go to your profile folder : C:\Users\[username]
    • Click in the location bar (where it says C:\Users\[username])
    • Click again to unselect the text in the location bar (do not type over it)
    • Then add the following path just after your username and hit "Enter" :
      \AppData\Local\Inova Software\PartnerPushAddIn\settings\
    1. Start Outlook.
    2. Click on the Inova tab and then on the Settings button.
    3. Configure the add-in. A new "user.config" file will be then automatically created.
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  • How can I find out what version of Outlook I am using?

    To find out which version of Outlook is installed locally on your Windows computer, please follow these steps:

    1. In Outlook, click on "File"
    2. Click on "Office Account" (or "Help" and then "About Outlook" if you don't see "Office Account")
    3. Under "Product Information", click on "About Outlook" to see your version and build number

    If you need detailed information, please read this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.

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  • My Outlook add-in has been disabled and it is now impossible to reactivate it. What can I do?

    Outlook 2013 and later versions provide add-in resiliency. This means that Outlook will disable an add-in if it performs slowly.

    In most cases, when this happens, the procedure explained in this article is sufficient to re-enable the Outlook add-in.

    Unfortunately, in rare cases, Outlook may permanently disable the add-in which will then cause this procedure to fail.

    If this is the case for you, here is the solution to unlock the situation:

    1. Close Outlook
    2. Double-click on the .reg file corresponding to your version of Outlook
      • Click here to download .reg file for Outlook 2013
      • Click here to download .reg file for Outlook 2016
    3. If an alert message appears, please confirm
    4. Open Outlook
    5. Check that the Add-In is now enabled again
    You need to have Administrator privileges to be able to apply the registry changes via the .reg files provided in this article.


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  • General installer error (0x8007007E) when trying to install the Outlook Add-in

    During the installation of the Outlook Add-in, you might receive an error message that will halt the installation (the error code might differ from that shown in the screenshot):

    The following Microsoft Office solution cannot be installed due to a general installer error: InovaPushAddIn.vsto



    We have most commonly seen this error occur with users running Windows 10 and Office 2016 on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

    Workaround :

    1. Download and install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office (Microsoft link)
    2. Install the Outlook Add-in again (setup.exe)
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  • How to uninstall the Outlook Add-in?
    1. Exit Outlook
    2. Open the Control Panel and then go to Programs and Features
    3. Scroll down the list to find Inova Partner Outlook Add-in
    4. Click its name to highlight it and then do a right click with your mouse to make the Uninstall button appears
    5. Click on Uninstall and you'll get a pop-up warning that the program will be removed
    6. Confirm by clicking on OK
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  • I don't see the object I want to push an email to. What do I do?

    The list displayed in the quick select search results should refresh automatically--the refresh is scheduled to run daily (2am local time). But there might be some scenarios when you don't see the object in the list:

    • You created the object after the refresh ran that day.
    • Your computer was in sleep mode when the refresh ran.

    To address the problem, try the following:

    1. Refresh the list manually by clicking the refresh icon to the right of the search field. This will refresh the list to include the most recently created objects.
    2. Restart Outlook. This should prompt the application to refresh the list.

    If neither of these steps solves the problem, contact Inova support. 

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  • Why can't I see which folders are synchronized (the icons are missing)?

    The folder icons were removed for Outlook 2013 and 2016.

    If you need the folders icons to help identify the synchronized folders, just press Ctrl+6.

    This will display the folders list view instead of the modules view.

    Now you can easily see which folders are synchronized thanks to a specific icon : 

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  • Where can I get the latest version of the Outlook Add-in?

    Click here to download the latest version of the Outlook add-in.

    The explanations on how to install it are available in this article.

    Some IT policies may prevent you from installing the add-in on your computer directly. If this is the case, please contact your IT team for assistance.

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  • The "Inova" tab has disappeared, what can I do?

    If you notice that the "Inova" tab has disappeared, this probably means that the add-in is disabled and/or inactive.

    You can easily fix this issue by following these steps :

    If the add-in is disabled

    For Outlook 2016 and 2013

    1. Go to Outlook > Click on the "File" tab > Choose "Info"
    2. Select "Slow and Disabled Add-ins"
    3. Click on "Always enable this add-in" for "InovaPushAddIn"


    For Outlook 2010


    1. Go to Outlook > Click on the "File" tab > Choose "Options"
    2. Click on "Add-Ins"
    3. Scroll down your add-ins list and check if InovaPushAddIn appears under "Disabled Application Add-ins"
    4. Under "Manage", click on the drop-down, select "Disabled Items", and then click on "Go"
    5. Select InovaPushAddIn from the list of disabled add-ins and click on "Enable"

    If the add-in is inactive

    For Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010


    1. Go to Outlook > Click on the "File" tab > Choose "Options"
    2. Click on "Add-Ins"
    3. Scroll down your add-ins list and check if InovaPushAddIn appears under "Inactive Application Add-ins"
    4. Under "Manage", click on the drop-down, select "COM Add-ins", and then click on "Go"
    5. Check the box near to InovaPushAddIn and click on "OK"


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