Lead Space

  • Overall introduction to Lead Space

    Purpose of the application

    The Lead Space has been created to solve the 3 following pains:

    1. Find/identify the right leads,
    2. Follow up on your leads and collaborate easily,
    3. Create corporate knowledge and memory across silos and in time.

    Mobile-first design

    Lead Space has been designed to be mobile optimized, meaning that the application will reformat itself for smartphones and tablets (simplified navigation, larger buttons, reformatted content...).

    The interface is simple and straightforward to allow you to quickly and easily handle your briefs and leads, in a very intuitive manner.

    Mobile version

    Briefs List Leads List
    Briefs_List_Mobile.png Leads_List_Mobile.png

    Desktop version

    Briefs List Leads List
    Briefs_List_Desktop.png Leads_List_Desktop.png

    What is a Brief

    Briefs represent your company roadmap. A scouting brief is a mission statement for Scouts that reflects the strategy.

    In a brief, you will describe what you are looking for and what is excluded.


    What is a Lead

    A lead represents any contact that your organization has with a potential partner.

    This lead could come from a wide range of sources:

    • Conferences (in-person or virtual ones),
    • Internal contributors,
    • Scouting,
    • Partnering intelligence,
    • External channels.

    The leads details should not contain any confidential data as they are intended to be shared across all the people within your company registered on the application.


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  • Brief list

    When you log into Lead Space, the home page displays a list of all the briefs your company is currently working on.

    Quick access to briefs

    When browsing the application, there are two ways to quickly return to the list of briefs.

    Main view

    By clicking on the Lead Space logo, you can quickly return to the homepage where briefs are represented by cards.

    Left hand side panel

    By clicking on the hamburger button, you can choose to permanently show or hide the briefs on the left side as a list.

    Overview of the briefs page


    1. Hamburger button: To to hide or display the list of briefs on the left side.
    2. Lead Space logo: To quickly go back to the homepage with the briefs cards.
    3. Plus button: To create a new brief.
    4. The briefs are divided into two categories to allow you to identify at a glance those that are most important to you. They are also listed in alphabetical order.
      • My briefs: These are the briefs that you are currently working on. In other words, these are the ones for which you are the owner or a member.
      • Other briefs: These are briefs your company is currently working on but of which you are neither the owner nor a member.
    5. Brief's card: Displays the title of the brief and its associated icon (i.e. first letter of the brief + selected color). Click on it to access the list of all leads associated with this brief.


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  • Brief creation

    To create a new brief, simply click on the plus button on the top right of the homepage:


    A popup window will then appear to let you fill in the name of your brief and choose a color:


    Then click on "Create" on the upper right corner.

    You will now see your new brief on the homepage in card mode as well as in the brief list on the left.

    If you change your mind and don't want to create a brief, you can simply click "Cancel" or click outside the pop-up window.

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  • Brief definition


    Once you have created your brief, you can start describing your needs by filling in the brief definition.

    When you open the "Brief definition" tab, here is what you see:


    1. This is the owner of the brief, i.e. the person who created it. If you are the current owner or a brief member, and you want to assign the brief to someone else, click on the owner's name and then select someone from the list.
    2. You can add as many members as you wish. Members are users of the application. Only members can create & edit leads associated to this brief.
    3. This is a description of the brief. You can edit it by clicking on the text area.
      A rich text editor enable you to describe your needs while easily highlighting the most important items thanks to common formatting options, such as:
      • Format (bold, italic, underline)
      • Lists (bullet or numbered lists)
      • Tabs

    Manage members

    Only members can create and edit leads associated to this brief.

    Add members


    1. Start typing to search for a user. Only Lead Space users can be added as members.
    2. Click on the link icon to select a member.
    3. Click on "Add" to save your choice.

    Remove Members


    1. To remove a member, click on the list of associated members.
    2. Then it opens a "All members" popup where you can remove any member by clicking on the unlink icon.

    Additional actions

    Rename a brief

    Only the brief owner or brief members can rename a brief.


    1. To rename a brief, simply click on its name.


    1. Make your changes.
    2. Then validate your choice by clicking on the check icon.

    Delete a brief

    Only the brief owner can do this - and only if there are no leads associated to that brief.



    Delete the brief by clicking on the three dots on the upper right corner.


    Add a lead

    Only a brief owner or a member can create a new lead for this brief.


    Create a new lead in this brief or in any other brief by clicking on the plus button.

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  • Lead list


    When clicking on a brief, you are taken to the list of leads which are currently in screening stage.


    1. You can navigate using the tabs above the list to view leads which are either in Screening, Review, On-hold, Accepted or Declined (please see Lead Workflow article for more details).
    2. It represents the number of leads in each stage.
    3. You can sort the results by clicking on the column header. Only one sort can be applied at a time.
    4. You can open a Lead to access all its details by clicking on the company name / lead title.
    5. A maximum of 20 leads are displayed per page. Beyond that, you will have access to the pagination to navigate among all the leads.

    In each view, relevant information is displayed depending on the stage of the lead.

    Additional action

    Move a lead to another brief

    In each view, you can move a lead to another brief by clicking on the three vertical dots button.


    Move the lead through the workflow

    In the screening stage, you can quickly send a lead to review or decline it using the arrow and stop buttons.


    In all other stages, you can easily move a lead through the workflow using the status button.







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  • Lead creation

    You can create new leads once you are in a Brief (either on the Leads or Brief definition tab) - by clicking on the plus button on the top right corner.

    A popup will then open to let you enter the following information:


    1. Associate the new lead to the brief of your choice. The brief you are on when you click on the plus button will be automatically selected by default.
    2. Enter a company name. As you start to type, suggestions will appear so that you can select one of the companies that already exist in Lead Space.
      If the company doesn't exist yet, you can create it by clicking the check button.
      Then confirm to get back to the lead creation page.
    3. Give your lead a title to easily find it with the search. It could be the name of the targeted asset, the name of the compound or technology.

    Just click create and you are done, the lead now appears in the list of leads of that brief in the screening stage.

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  • Lead details

    When clicking on a lead from the list view, or from the quick search, you enter the Lead details view.

    Each field could be updated - if you are the owner or a team member of the associated brief - by clicking on the current value of that field


    Here is what you can see:


    1. Use the breadcrumb to know at a glance where you are and quickly navigate through the application.
    2. Title of your lead and the company concerned. Click on the text to modify them.
    3. Current status of the lead. Click on it to modify it and move your lead through the workflow.
    4. Sections allowing you to structure the information relating to your lead: classification, notes, publications et attachments. We will come back to this in more detail below.
    5. The owner of the lead - by default the person who created it. Click on it to assign the lead to someone else.
    6. The source represents how the lead has been created: currently, we can only create them manually - but there will be more sources soon.
    7. Comments - where you can collaborate with your colleagues (brief members).
    8. The three dots allow you to move the lead to a different brief or to delete the lead.

    Details of the Lead tabs


    Classification gives more detailed information about the lead.

    Asset classification

    • Development phase
    • Asset type
    • Mechanism of action
    • Clinical indications
    • Technologies
    • Asset description

    Company details

    • Company type
    • URL
    • Country
    • Company description


    Here you can write any notes you have taken about the lead. Anybody can see the notes.

    Benefit from the rich text editor to structure them with titles and bullet points.


    Rich Text: Pictures are currently not implemented


    Publications are references, articles and books and so on, which you can link to the lead with a URL, a PMID, a DOI number or other web reference.



    You can attach documents or Outlook emails by dragging and dropping or selecting them from your files. You can attach any type of document.


    The size limit per document is 10 MB.
    You can drag and drop an email directly from your Outlook.




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  • Lead workflow

    The Lead Space application allows you to speed up decision making by following a standard workflow through which your leads can be tracked and evaluated by S&E scouts.

    Workflow stages overview

    Workflow stages indicate the status of a lead.


    All new leads are automatically put in Screening. When a lead is in screening, you can rapidly start working on them by putting them in Review or decline them.



    This stage is where you start to work on your lead - do research and decide if it is interesting for your company.
    Click on the yellow Review button to accept, decline, or put the lead on hold.


    When you put the lead on hold, you can set up a reminder date to know when to come back to it.



    Here are all the leads for which you are waiting for more information.



    When the lead is accepted, it can be moved to Inova (coming soon). It can also be put back into review if necessary.



    Decline your lead when you decide it is not interesting for your company. This is not a permanent action, you can always restart reviewing declined leads.


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  • Search

    The search bar is easily accessible at the top of every page and allows you to quickly access a given lead.


    Just start typing at least 3 characters and it will propose up to 10 leads.

    The search is done on the lead name and associated company name.

    Fuzzy matching is available to help you find leads even if there is a typo.

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