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Search bar: relevant articles are suggested while typing

You can find answers to your questions by searching our knowledge base via the search bar.

When starting to type your key words, you will be prompted to consult some articles that may refer to your request:

The list of the "Top article suggestions" is based on the article titles only.

You can either:

  • click on the title of the relevant article to read it,
  • or press "Enter" to display the full search results.

Get better results: use keywords

To get better results when searching for an article, enter relevant keywords.

Example: Instead of typing a question like where can I find the outlook add-in?, enter download outlook add-in

Pick the relevant article among the results

The search results are displayed as a list of articles. To choose the correct article, you can :

  1. Check the breadcrumb trail to see if the article's category / section matches what you are looking for, or
  2. Read the sample text extracted from the article 
In the example below, you want to know how to create a meeting in D&A. Enter create meeting in the search bar. Once the search results are displayed, check the breadcrumb trail of each result. As shown in the screenshot, it's the first one that contains answers to your question about the D&A product.

The importance of keywords when browsing topics

If you already know to which topic or product refers your question, you can also browse topics to view all the articles grouped by product:


In this case, you need to click on "See all ## articles" and then refer to the keywords to help you determine which article contains the answer you are looking for: