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  • Searching the Knowledge Base

    Search bar: relevant articles are suggested while typing

    You can find answers to your questions by searching our knowledge base via the search bar.

    When starting to type your key words, you will be prompted to consult some articles that may refer to your request:

    The list of the "Top article suggestions" is based on the article titles only.

    You can either:

    • click on the title of the relevant article to read it,
    • or press "Enter" to display the full search results.

    Get better results: use keywords

    To get better results when searching for an article, enter relevant keywords.

    Example: Instead of typing a question like where can I find the outlook add-in?, enter download outlook add-in

    Pick the relevant article among the results

    The search results are displayed as a list of articles. To choose the correct article, you can :

    1. Check the breadcrumb trail to see if the article's category / section matches what you are looking for, or
    2. Read the sample text extracted from the article 
    In the example below, you want to know how to create a meeting in D&A. Enter create meeting in the search bar. Once the search results are displayed, check the breadcrumb trail of each result. As shown in the screenshot, it's the first one that contains answers to your question about the D&A product.

    The importance of keywords when browsing topics

    If you already know to which topic or product refers your question, you can also browse topics to view all the articles grouped by product:


    In this case, you need to click on "See all ## articles" and then refer to the keywords to help you determine which article contains the answer you are looking for:

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  • How to contact us?

    Feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to help!


    If you can't find the answer to your question in our help center, don't hesitate to send us an email at support@inova-software.com or submit a request (you must be logged in).

    Be sure we will do our utmost to get back to you as soon as possible with a fix or at least with a workaround!

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Report an issue

  • Best practices for submitting requests to support

    This feature is only available to users who are logged into the Help Center.

    Our support team does his best to resolve your issues in the most efficient manner and within the shortest time possible.

    In order to help them, here are below some best practices for submitting your request.

    First, please search our Knowledge Base

    The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge Base. So it’s really worthwhile doing a quick search before creating a new ticket.

    To do so, you can use the search bar or browse the themes. Please find more information here.

    This is the fastest way to find a solution to your problem and you’ll feel a great satisfaction to have been able to fix your problem yourself.

    Submit only one issue per ticket

    Please, try to submit only one issue per ticket.

    This way, we can focus on one question at a time to ensure we are providing the best answer possible.

    This also helps us to assign your issue to the right person.

    Do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue

    If you submit multiple tickets for the same issue, this will slow us down in resolving your bug.

    Indeed, this will compel us to lose valuable time to check all your tickets to gather all the information and then to eliminate duplicates before we can focus on solving your problem.

    So please, if you have additional information to communicate to us, add a comment to the ticket you already created for this issue. This way, we will have all the pertinent information in one ticket.

    Choose a clear and concise ticket / email subject

    When creating a ticket or sending an email to support@inova-software.com, please make sure the subject describes the problem clearly and concisely.

    This is the first thing we read when a new ticket is created. So, if you provide a good subject, this will help us to sort, prioritize and assign your ticket to the appropriate person easily and quickly.

    Gather and communicate all you know about the problem you encounter

    If you have already tried doing something to fix your issue, please tell us.

    This way, we will be able to not waste your time by directly providing you solutions that you have not yet tried.

    Taking screenshots

    A screenshot is worth a thousand words and is very helpful to show us the problem you encounter.

    This often provides us precious information and prevents misunderstandings regarding the page you are referring to.

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  • How to submit a request?

    When should you file a bug report?

    The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge Base. So please do a quick search before creating a new ticket.

    If you still cannot find the answer to your question, it's time to open a support ticket for assistance!

    Only logged-in users can submit a support request to Inova.

    To help us resolve your ticket as quickly as possible, please don't forget to kindly read our best practices for submitting requests to support.

    How to report a bug?

    1. Click the "Submit a request" button at the lower section of the page.
    2. Enter a subject and description of the problem.
    3. Fill in the fields.
    4. Add any attachments.
    5. Save.
    While typing a subject, a list of suggested articles will appear. You can click one of these articles to check if it answers your question.

    Refer to this article to know how to follow your ticket along the resolution workflow.

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Stay informed

  • Getting alerts about updates to the knowledge base
    This feature is only available to users who are logged into the Help Center.

    Follow / Unfollow

    You can be automatically notified by email when new content is added to the knowledge base.

    To receive notifications about a section or article, click the Follow button.

    Example: To receive notifications about new versions of the D&A application, open the section and click follow (see below)

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  • Manage your subscriptions (follow/unfollow)
    This feature is only available to users who are logged into the Help Center.

    View all your current subscriptions

    Click on “See my activities” on the upper-right side of any page.

    Cancel your subscriptions

    1. Select the "Following" tab,
    2. To stop receiving alerts about an article or a section, click "Unfollow". 
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  • Manage my requests & track its status
    This feature is only available to users who are logged into the Help Center.

    View all your requests

    1. Click on “See my activities” on the upper-right side of any page.
    2. Select the "Requests" tab.

    Search and filter your requests

    To have a filtered view of all your requests, you can :

    1. Enter a search term in the "Search requests" box.
    2. Filter on the status of the requests.

    To see details about a request, click on the subject of this request.

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