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When should you file a bug report?

The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge Base. So please do a quick search before creating a new ticket.

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, it's time to open a support ticket for assistance!

You have two options to do so:

  1. Send us an email at support@inova.io, a ticket will be then automatically created.
  2. Submit a request from the Help Center ticket form (login to the Help Center is required in this case).

To help us resolve your ticket as quickly as possible, please don't forget to kindly read our best practices for submitting requests to support.

How to report a bug via a ticket form?

  1. Click the "Submit a request" button at the lower section of the page.
  2. Product - First select the product for which you want to submit a request, and then define the issue you are having by choosing a predefined category.
    Choose the "Technical Issue" category if you don't know which one to select or if none of them seems to match your need. The Support agent in charge of your request will then re-categorize your ticket if necessary. 
  3. Type
    • Report a bug
    • Question
    • Improvement Request
    • Task
  4. Subject - Add a brief one line description of the issue.
  5. Description - Enter a detailed description of the issue. 
  6. Step to reproduce - Provide the steps you followed to reach the bug. This will help our developers to reproduce the bug easily on their development environment.
  7. Business Impact - Use this field to provide us with more granularity between different requests within the same given priority level and help us further refine and prioritize your tickets.  
    • Critical - System down or inaccessible
    • Major - Major disruption to work
    • Moderate - Minor disruption to works
    • Limited - Can still perform daily tasks
  8. Browser(s)
  9. Attachments - Please don't hesitate attach files (screenshots, videos, logs), especially if the bug is hard to describe or to reproduce.
  10. Click on Submit to send your request.
While typing a subject, a list of suggested articles will appear. You can click one of these articles to check if it answers your question.

Refer to this article to know how to follow your ticket along the resolution workflow.