Hello! How can we help?

Our support team does its best to resolve your issues in the most efficient manner and within the shortest time possible.

In order to help them, here are below some best practices for submitting your request.

First, please search our Knowledge Base

The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge Base. So it’s really worthwhile doing a quick search before creating a new ticket.

To do so, you can use the search bar or browse the themes. Please find more information here.

This is the fastest way to find a solution to your problem and you’ll feel a great satisfaction to have been able to fix your problem yourself.

Submit only one issue per ticket

Please, try to submit only one issue per ticket.

This way, we can focus on one question at a time to ensure we are providing the best answer possible.

This also helps us to assign your issue to the right person.

Do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue

If you submit multiple tickets for the same issue, this will slow us down in resolving your bug.

Indeed, this will compel us to lose valuable time to check all your tickets to gather all the information and then to eliminate duplicates before we can focus on solving your problem.

So please, if you have additional information to communicate to us, add a comment to the ticket you already created for this issue. This way, we will have all the pertinent information in one ticket.

Choose a clear and concise ticket / email subject

When creating a ticket or sending an email to support@inova.io, please make sure the subject describes the problem clearly and concisely.

This is the first thing we read when a new ticket is created. So, if you provide a good subject, this will help us to sort, prioritize and assign your ticket to the appropriate person easily and quickly.

Gather and communicate all you know about the problem you encounter

If you have already tried doing something to fix your issue, please tell us.

This way, we will be able to not waste your time by directly providing you solutions that you have not yet tried.

Taking screenshots

A screenshot is worth a thousand words and is very helpful to show us the problem you encounter.

This often provides us precious information and prevents misunderstandings regarding the page you are referring to.