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Thank you for being a valued Inova customer
Your support and willingness to share your experience and feedback has been invaluable as we work to build an even better partnering platform.

Inova's next generation platform is on its way
Our teams have been working hard at developing our next generation platform for biopharma partnering. The new platform carries over the elements that you love about the classic platform but with greater simplicity, collaboration, and data capabilities.

In 2023, the next generation platform will be available in two packages: Essential and Advanced. The Essential package (which is designed for biotechs and small pharma companies) will be generally available June 2023. The Advanced package (which is best suited for large pharma companies) will be released by the end of 2023.

Here are some important updates that you should be aware of:

  1. How we’re referencing the different platform versions. In efforts to avoid customer confusion, the Inova Partnering Platform will now be referred to as “Inova Classic”. The next generation platform will be referred to as “Inova Next Generation”. Our Lead Space product has been absorbed into Inova Next Generation, bringing greater S&E functionalities to a secure and always reliable dealmaking platform.
  2. Vital updates to the Help Center. Our support and product documentation will reflect this product evolution. For example, our existing help center will only house support resources for Inova Classic. In addition, we launched a new help center for Inova Next Generation. Help icons inside each platform will direct users to the appropriate help center. Furthermore, there will be top banners on each help center cross promoting the other help center.

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