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The triage meeting is a regularly-scheduled session in which the business development or S&E team decides on whether or not to move new opportunities in their pipeline from initial screening to a confidential review. As Inova users, you can take advantage of tools in the application to apply best practices in preparing for, running, and conducting follow-ups for this meeting. The results will be better sharing and tracking of information about these opportunities among your team members, more efficient and effective decision-making, and quicker follow-ups.

The triage meeting use case is divided into three basic steps: Before, during, and after the meeting itself. The main tools used are the meetings module, the Opportunity One-Pager, lister features, email templates, and the document manager.

Step 1: Before the meeting

  1. Create a meeting with a type of internal and name the meeting “Triage meeting – [DATE]”.
  2. Link the names of the meeting participants in the Attendees tab.
  3. From the Opportunities list, link the meeting to all the opportunities that will be discussed:
      1. Add the Meetings column to the Opportunities list.
      2. Use filtering and sorting to narrow the list down to the opportunities to be triaged in that meeting, e.g. active opportunities created within the last month under a specific therapeutic area.
      3. Use the Edit Page feature to link your triage meeting to each opportunity.
    Save time for future triage meetings by creating a Triage Meeting template view of these lister settings. Be sure to include the columns for status changes, comments and next steps (this will come in handy later, as you'll see in Step 3 below).
  4. Share the list of opportunities for everyone to review and prepare before the meeting begins:
      1. Export the list from step 3.2 to Excel OR filter the Opportunity One-Pager dashboard by this new triage meeting and export it to PowerPoint. 
      2. Upload the Excel or PPT file to the document manger of the triage meeting.
      3. On the attendees tab of the meeting record, use the Email All feature to send the file to everyone.
    To keep things clear for meeting attendees who are not users of the platform, use a designated email template, "Triage Meeting Prep."

Step 2: During the meeting

  1. Designate one of the attendees as the note-taker or scribe and have them project Inova to the conference room screen. 
  2. In the Opportunities list, filter the list by the current triage meeting. 
  3. Right-click the name of each opportunity to open it in a separate browser tab for review. 
  4. As you discuss each opportunity, edit its status, comments, etc. as needed. 
    If the opportunity is configured with a Description and Next Steps field, cut and paste any previous text from Next Steps into the Description field, then enter comments from the triage meeting into Next Steps. 
    To avoid system timeouts, don’t use the Edit Page feature to make these kinds of changes. Update each opportunity one at a time. 
  5. If an opportunity passes triage, update the Initial Screening stage in the workflow to Completed.

Step 3: After the meeting

  1. Export the list of updated opportunities to Excel. 
  2. Upload the file to the document manager of the triage meeting record.
  3. Use the Email All feature on the attendees list to send this updated list to the meeting participants.
    As mentioned in Step 1 above, you can use another designated email template, this time called “Post-triage Follow-ups.”

If you have any questions or would like to implement these best practices with your business development team, contact your Inova Customer Success Manager.