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Access control in the application enables users to hide objects such as confidential opportunities and agreements. Some objects such as contacts and companies do not have access control and are therefore visible and shared company-wide.

By default, most objects are unrestricted. There is an option to have such objects be restricted by default. Contact your administrator for details. 

Restrict Access

  1. Open the object in edit mode, then set the Access to "Restricted".
  2. Save the object. It will now be visible only to the owner and any users with Executive or SuperUser rights (click here for more details about rights). Now that the object is restricted, you're ready to grant Authorization.

Grant Authorization


  1. Click the "Authorization" tab
  2. Click "Add Users or Contact Groups" button
  3. Use the autocomplete fields to select users or groups of users 
  4. You can give the following rights to each user or group:
    • R/O: Read-Only - Can see all the details of the object but cannot update it
    • R/W: Read-Write - Can see all the details of the object and is able to update it
    • R/W/Authorize: Read-Write-Authorize - Can see and edit the record, and give access rights to other users
  5. Click "Save" when done
Use of the Role field is NOT recommended. This field cannot be configured or included in reporting.