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The Agreements section allows the user to create and maintain all post-deal signature activities. This section is generally used by the Alliance Manager as a central repository of all activities related to the agreement in collaboration with the finance and legal teams. 

Create an agreement

  1. Enter the name of the agreement. 
  2. Link the company related to the agreement.
If you use the Quick Create option from an In-Licensing Opportunities, the company field will be prepopulated with the company linked to the opportunity.
  1. Click the "Details" section and fill in the fields as needed.

  1. Click the "Priority" section to display additional fields. These fields can be used prioritize agreements and allocate related resources. Fill in these fields as needed. 

Manage your agreement

Once the agreement is created, a number of additional features help centralize all agreement-related activities and communications: 

  1. Financial obligations and related payments for defining each obligation and setting up related due date alerts
  2. Payment summary for viewing payment information for all financial obligations associated with the agreement 
  3. Non-financial obligations and related events
  4. Manage activities, including triggering activities related to milestone payments
  5. Governance bodies to manage steering committees on an alliance as well as their related tasks and documentation, and for peer matrix tracking (managing roles on an alliance)
  6. Issue log to track all issues that need to be managed as part of meeting the contract obligations
  7. Manage your contacts including the ones not in a governance body.
  8. Standard features to store Documents and Emails
  9. Reviews for asking colleagues for their opinions, to review information, and perform alliance health checks. 

Create an alliance

In some cases, when a relationship with another company involves multiple agreements, it can be useful to linked the various agreements together under a single Alliance. The Alliance object acts like a portfolio for all the agreements, gathering on one screen all the rollups of all the related obligations, activities, and payments associated with the different agreements.

To create an alliance, click the "New Alliance" button on the "Alliances" tab, populate the required fields, and click "Save". 

As with agreements, alliances include key features such as their own governance bodies, issue logs, documents, contacts, reviews, and notifications. 

Note that the alliance is generally used by companies with very advanced organization around alliance management. For smaller or simple organizations, it's possible to indicate a multiple-agreement alliance in the system by linking agreements to one another.

Also, it is possible to push an email to an agreement, but not an alliance.