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In some cases, a user may have performance-related or other issues displaying a list after applying some configurations to it. This could be due to the number of columns or rows being displayed, or the complexity of applied filtering. In such cases, upon the recommendation of Inova support, the user's views can be reset to the default settings by the application administrator.

Note: This feature is to be used only if recommended by an Inova expert. ALL of the user's saved views (My Views) on all object types will be deleted, all lists will be cleared of any sorting and filtering the user had previously applied, and any templates that the user copied from the template views list into my views will be deleted. 

To reset a user's list views,

  1. In Administration, under Tools, select Reset List Views, then select the user.
  2. Click Submit.

Once the confirmation screen is displayed, have the user validate the change by accessing lists in the application.