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Customers who are using the Cortellis connector to query asset information need to set up a few items in the Administration module of the application. 

Configure Datasource Connection

Navigate to Administration > Configure Datasource and Updates.

The Configure Datasource Connection tab displays the settings that must be configured for the connector to access Cortellis. 


What you as the administrator need to enter:

  1. API Name--This will be provided by your Clarivate representative.
  2. API Key--Also provided by your Clarivate representative. 
  3. Repeat API Key--Repeat the API Key entry to verify that it is correct. 
  4. Period to Display Update Detail (days)--This setting determines the number of days that the system will display a date in red font in fields that are updated via the Cortellis Update.  

What Inova needs to enter (5):

  • Use a Proxy Server--If the http query performed by the Inova application must go through a proxy server to reach the Host URL, this box should be checked. If this box is not ticked, or if either of the following two fields are empty, the application will attempt a direct connection to the datasource.
  • Proxy Server--If the Use a Proxy Server box is checked, enter in the address of the proxy server to use here.
  • Proxy Port--If the Use a Proxy Server box is checked, enter the port to use for the connection to the proxy server.

Schedule or Run Data Updates

Settings in this tab define the time period of how often the system will automatically re-query all previously-imported assets and update any available modifications to the Cortellis fields on the asset object. The default value is 30 days.

Note: These updates will be highlighted in the asset object with a red date field in the tab containing non-editable Cortellis data. The data in the editable fields under the Overview tab will NOT be changed. 


To schedule the automatic update of all imported items:

  1. Check the Turn on Automatic Update checkbox.
  2. Enter the update criteria in the date and time fields.
  3. Click Save when done.

To run a single manual update, click the Update Now button.

End users can also update Cortellis records from within the asset itself, as described in this article