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Main Menu Configuration

To configure the main menu, navigate to Home>Administration>Main Menu Configuration.

Main Menu Configuration allows you to group and order the menu links according to your business needs and vocabulary. How you position the links can give them greater priority and visibility, or categorize them so that your users will be able to find things more easily.

  1. To rearrange the menu links, simply select, drag, and drop each link into place on the list. Highlighting in dark grey will show you where the menu item will be dropped.

  1. To create a new group, click "Add Group" on the top left corner. Give the new group a name and drag the related links into the group. To delete a group, press the red button with an X on the right side of the group.
  2. Rename a group by double-clicking on it, changing the name and pressing enter. Renaming can be canceled by pressing ESC.
  3. To hide a link from the menu, un-check the corresponding checkbox. 
  4. The option "Load default menu configuration" will load the menu configuration that the application was shipped with.
    Note: This option should only be used if an entry in the menu appears to be missing (i.e. it no longer appears because it was accidentally deleted from the list). 

Once you have made your changes, click Save.  

Email Push Wizard Page Configuration 

It's also possible to configure the menu of the landing page or wizard that the application displays when you use the Additional Actions option in Email Push. This landing page allows the user to select the object he wants to push an email to. The application administrator manages the content of this page. 

Note: It's important that this landing page only presents the objects that the application allows you to push to, e.g. if you have not activated R&D collaboration projects, you should not allow users to push emails to them. 

To access this page, navigate to Home>Administration>Email Push Wizard Page Configuration.

The exact same tools and options are available as when managing the main menu itself, as described above. 

Be sure to click Save when done to apply the changes.