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Some objects in the system include milestones and/or activities for workflow and task tracking, as well as document management tools that allow attached files to be organized into folders. The following sections describe how to create default objects for these features.  

Note: Any changes made to default document folders, milestones, and activities will only apply to new objects created after the changes are saved. Ongoing or archived objects will retain their original default folders, milestones, and activities. If there is a business need to apply a new default document folder structure or set of milestones to current, already-existing projects, this change must be done by an Inova technical specialist. Contact your Inova administrator for details. 

Default Document Folders

Navigate to Administration>Default Document Folders. The system displays a list of all objects that can have default folders, grouped by module or type.

 Click the object you want to create default folders for. The Tree Folder page is displayed as shown: 

As described in the help text on the right-hand panel, you can create, rename, and delete folders in this page. 

Be sure to click Save when done. 

Default Milestones and Activities

To create a list of default milestones or activities, navigate to Administration>Default Milestones and Activities. 

Select the object you want to display the list of current milestones or activities for that object.

Click the New button to add a new milestone or activity. Enter then name of the new milestone and click Save. You can also click the name of an existing milestone to edit it and use the arrow buttons to change the order of the milestones as needed.

Click Save when done. 

Note: As with list values, once a milestone is used, you cannot delete it.

To prevent an old milestone from being applied to a project, check the Archived check box. This will archive the milestone so that it is still searchable, but prevent it from being used in future records. 

Default Child Activities

In this section, you can create a list of default child activities, or activities that fall under a specific milestone.

Navigate to Administration>Default Milestones and Activities. The page will display all the existing milestones for which you can create child activities. 

If you don't see the milestone you need, you'll have to create it first. Refer to the section above to create one.

Otherwise, enter the child activities in the editable field next to the milestone. Separate the child activities by pressing the enter key. 

Click Save when done.