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As part of your business development process, you can use Inova to upload, store, share, and manage documents that are related to specific business objects or that are part of your general business workflows or best practices.

Document management in Inova includes a number of features:

  • Drag and drop files and folders
  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Upload any file type including spreadsheets, presentations, images, sound files, movie files or PDFs (all are indexed by the search engine).
  • Manage different versions of files
  • Manage access control of folders and documents
  • Organize files that review participants attach to their responses

The Document Manager

The Document Manager allows you to upload documents into the application and link those documents to a specific business object.

The maximum file size for an upload is 100MB.

To view the document manager of an object, click the Documents tab.  

In order to upload and manage documents for any business object, you must have Read-Write Access to that type of object.
Users who have Read-Only Access will be able to download or view documents that have been uploaded into the system, but they will not be able to use features such as upload and version control.
A letter icon is displayed among the attributes of a document if it has been detached from a pushed email. When you move your mouse over the icon, the system will display a link to the related email.
Files in the Rollup folder are rolled up from linked objects. Rollups prevent having to upload documents multiple times to multiple related objects.

Folder Options:

To enable folder options, select a folder.
  1. Open Detail Page: To manage access control and other properties of this folder, click the page icon. Click "Set to Restricted" to make the entire folder confidential and manage access control (see Authorization).
  2. Click the folder icon to create a folder or sub folders.
  3. The cloud icon means Download Folder as ZIP: This downloads the full content of the folder, including any sub folders, into a ZIP file.
  4. The pencil button allows you to Rename the folder.
  5. The round icon means Delete Documents covered by CDA. It is possible to delete with one click all documents in a folder that have been flagged as "Covered by CDA". This feature is usually used when a contract is signed and the company has the obligation to delete all documents covered by CDA. 
  6. The trashcan icon means Delete the folder and all documents in it.

Document Options:

To enable document options, select a document.
  1. The first blue cloud icon lets you upload single or multiple documents. 
  2. The blue folder icon means Upload a ZIP: This feature will let you upload multiple files within a folder structure into the application as a ZIP file.
  3. The page icon means Open File Detail Page. Use this to manage access control and document properties from the document's Overview screen. 
  4. The envelope icon means Send File by Email. This lets you send one or more files as attachments on an email template
  5. The grey cloud icon means Upload File new Version. Note that the file you are uploading when using this feature needs to have the same name as the existing file.
  6. The down-arrow blue cloud icon means Download the file. Click to download a copy of the file to your desktop.
  7. The orange cloud and lock icons mean Download and Lock File and Lock File. These features allow you to download and lock a document, preventing other users from uploading other versions of the document while it is locked. When a document is checked out, users with access to the document may still download and view it, but if they make any revisions to their downloaded copy they will not be able to upload them as a new version until you unlock the document. Clicking the Lock button will refresh the screen and display the Locked By label. You can mouse over the lock button to see who locked it.
  8. The pencil button allows you to Rename the file.
  9. The trashcan icon means Delete the document.

Search Options:

The Search feature within the document manager is a filter on the list of documents linked to that container.

Other documents lists

These lists can be can be accessed via the main menu. If you don't see the links for these lists, contact your application administrator. 

  • The General Document Folder is used to store files or documents not associated with any specific object or container in the system--for example, generic document templates the users might need at different stages of an evaluation, or a copy of a how-to guide for new users of the Inova application. 
  • All Documents presents a list of all the documents stored in the system that you can access, regardless of what they are linked to.