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The Inova system allows you to create and link emails to various types of business objects. You can link emails to companies, assets, opportunities, discussions, agreements, acquisitions, divestitures, and potential acquirers. An email can also include one or more attachments of almost any file type, including other emails.

Emails are managed via:

  1. The Outlook Add-in: Emails can be sent directly from the application or imported ("pushed") into the application from Outlook and linked to new or existing objects
  2. Email Fetch: For users with email providers other than Outlook or users accessing their Outlook via the cloud (e.g. Office365), emails can be forwarded into the application and linked to new or existing objects. 
  3. The Emails Tab, explained below. 

Emails tab

  1. Click the Emails tab to display the list of emails attached to the object. By default, only the first 10 emails are displayed. To view the full list of emails in lister mode, click the double-arrow ("expand") button.
  2. Click the Subject to view the contents of an email.
  3. If you create Views of the emails list, access them by clicking here. 
  4. Use this option to send an email directly from the application and store it in the object.

Send an email from the application

To send an email from the application,

1. Click New Email. The application will open a new mail from your email provider, i.e. Outlook. 

Two fields in the email will be pre-populated:

  1. The To field will contain the mail address of the application object. If you do not want to share the application's email address with the other recipients, copy and paste it to the BCC field. 
  2. The subject line of the email will contain the object code within brackets. This code creates the link between the email and the container object in the system. Do not edit the information within the brackets or the link will be broken

2. Add additional recipients in the To, CC, or BCC fields.

3. Enter the content of the email and click Send. 

4. Check the Emails tab on the object. A copy of the email you just sent will be listed there.

Reply to and delete

To reply to or delete an email, click first on the email title to open it.

  1. Click here to reply to an email stored in your object. Your reply will be sent to the recipient and stored in the application. 
  2. Click here to delete the email. Note that if the email was pushed in from Outlook or forwaded in using email fetch, deleting it from the Inova system will NOT delete it from its original source. 

Additional features: Send an email to selected contacts

You can use the system to send an email to one or more contacts, e.g. to give some new information to some contacts associated with the opportunity you're managing. 

  1. Go to the Contacts tab.
  2. Select multiple contacts by pressing and holding the Shift key 
  3. Select Template or Mail Client. When you select Template, a popup appears as shown below. 

    The contact(s) you selected in step 2 will be pre-populated (1).
  4. Fill in the form as-is or select from the available templates available in the dropdown (2). A template can have a pre-populated subject line and body (3) and other preset options (4): To have the email sent individually (recipients cannot see other recipients in the distribution) and to have a copy of the email stored on the container object. 
    Note: Templates are created and stored in the application's administration section. Contact your administrator for more information.
  5. Optionally, you can attach documents to the email. These documents must be already in the document manager of the container in order to be attached in this form.
  6. Click Send when done. 

If you select Mail Client in step 3 above, your email-application will open a standard new email with the recipients, subject line, and body pre-populated, as shown below.

Note that when you select Mail Client, a copy of the email will not be saved in the application. 

Email a document from the document manager

You can also use an email template to email a document right from the document manager.

  1. In the document manager, select the file(s) and click the email icon:

    The popup will appear as described in the previous section, but with the file automatically populated in the Attached Documents field:

  2. Perform the same steps as above to update the content and send the email.