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Once you've started a review, you have a few options to monitor and manage reviewers' participation. You can change the review and alert the participants about the change, add or remove participants or documents, track participation, post a decision after closing the review and export the review results.

Manage the review

Let's take a look at the Review Overview and see what the options are when managing a review.


On the Review Overview page:

  1. Click Edit to change the review details and change, add, or review questions and answer types. 
    Note that when you make a significant change to a review, such as adding a new question, the options at the bottom of the edit page appear as follows:
    When you click Save and Notify, the system will send the participants a notification by email that the review has been modified. 
  2. Click Choose Participants or Choose Contact Groups to update the list of participants. The system will automatically send an invitation to the new participants after you save your changes. 
    If the participant you want to add is not available in the list of contacts, you can add them to the database by clicking the plus button to the right of the search field. This will open a New Contact form. After populating the required fields, click Save.
    Note: In the choose page, if the contact is external, the name will be highlighted in the search results as shown:

    Then highlighted like this after selection:
    Likewise, a warning appears next to the Save buttons in the Edit page:
  3. You can add or remove documents from the review.
  4. You can quickly see how many people have responded to the review, and review their responses to-date.
  5. If the participants are slow to respond, click the Participation tab to display some reminder options. 


In the Participation tab, you can:

  1. Resend the review request to all participants.
  2. Check the each reviewer's participation statuses and send individual reminders. 
  3. Check the status of the systems' communications with the participants. 

Remember that you should receive a notification every time a participant submits her answers. If you or other review participants are not receiving the email alerts as described, check your junk mail folder or contact Inova support.

Close the review

When you have received all the responses you need from the review participants, you're ready to close the review.


  1. Click Close Review. The system will refresh the screen and display a Review status of Closed. The participants will receive an email letting them know that the review is closed. They will no longer be able to access the response page, nor to enter or edit their responses.
  2. Click edit to select a decision and enter a reason for the decision. Click Save when done. 
  3. If needed, you can export the full review content to Excel. The export will include all the participants' responses. 
  4. If the participants submitted documents with their responses, those files will be detached from the review and put into a subfolder in the document manager of the container. Navigate to the overview screen of the container and check the Documents tab to confirm the attachments are in the right place: