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Once you click Start Review, the system sends a review request by email to all review participants. Depending upon whether the participant is an internal or external contact, the notification will contain slightly different content. 

To an internal contact:6.0.rev.invite.int.png

To an external contact--note the difference in the confidentiality statement:6.0.rev.invite.ext.png

In both cases, the email contains a link to the review response page.

Responding to a review

When the participant clicks the link, the review response page will be displayed in a new browser window.

The top section of the form includes information about the container (the object being reviewed) and (1) an email address allowing the participant to send an email to the review owner if needed. 

6.0.rev.resp.top.pngIf the review participant is also an application user, then he can click on linked objects (2) in the review response page and the system will display the overview screen of those objects. Review participants who are not users of the system, however, are not able to enter the application via these links. 

In the middle of the response page are the documents the participant can download and view, as well as the questions the participant is expected to answer.  


Warning messages at the top of this section (1) and under the Under CDA column (2) warn the user if any confidential documents are attached to the review. 

Review participants (including those who are not users) are able to download any file you link to a review, even documents that within the system have access control applied. Only attach documents to reviews that you know can be shared with any review participant.

Review participants enter their responses in the Q&A section (3). All questions are required, unless the application has been configured to allow you to skip questions (4). This configuration setting is found under Reviews Administration

The participant can also upload documents (5) in support of the responses they provide. This configuration is enabled by default, but can be disabled by the administrator

In the Summary section, the participant can quickly check to see how her colleagues are responding (1) (unless the review is a blind review as configured by the review owner), then click Save once she's done entering all her responses (2). 


Review notifications

Once a participant submits her responses to a review, both she and the review owner will receive an email notification. The notification confirms the reviewer's participation and contains her responses. 


So even after the review is closed, the participant will have a record of what her responses were. 

If the participant fails to respond in a timely fashion, the review owner can send her a reminder. 


My Reviews tab

Application users logging in to the application can access reviews they are participating in in the My Reviews tab on the home page:

The My Reviews tab gives the user quick access to all her reviews, so she can avoid searching the system (or her inbox) for the review link.