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Status logs allow users to enter quick notes, updates, reminders or next steps on a business object in a timeline format. Within a status log, the user can also create a follow-up activity for himself, and that activity will appear in the Activities tab.

The system also automatically updates the status log of an object based on certain updates to its container. Here are the list of actions that automatically generate updates in the Status Log:

  • Completing a milestone
  • Completing an activity
  • Completing a review
  • Changing the status of an object
  • Archiving an object
  • Re-opening an archived object

View Status Logs

  1. Access status logs via the Status Logs tab.
  2. Click to create a new status log. 
  3. View a timeline of the latest status logs and updates about the object.
  4. If you have follow-ups pending completion, complete them directly from within the same tab.
  5. The list is automatically filtered to only the most recent posts. Click Show All to display the full list of updates. 

Create a Status Log

  1. Enter text in the comment field. This text will be displayed in the status log tab. 
  2. If a follow-up activity is required, enter a title for it.
  3. Add the due date of the follow-up activity.
  4. Click Save to create and post the status log.