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The "My Profile" page contains basic details about you, the user, including your username, full name, email, rights, etc. You can also select deputies from this page.

View your profile

  1. Access your user profile via the "My Profile" menu link. 
  2. Edit your profile to modify your name, email, nightly notifications and Time Zone.
  3. Change your password to access the application.
This option is only available when LDAP or WebSSO has not been activated. See section below for more details.
  1. View your rights on all modules of the application (maintained by your Inova administrator). Available options are:

    • Restricted Reader: Read Only access, limited to the Overview tab of non-restricted objects in that module; no access to contained objects, e.g. reviews, documents, emails, and activities. 
    • Read Only: Read Only on all non-restricted objects in that module
    • Read Write: Read-Write on all non-restricted objects in that module
    • Executive: Read Only on all objects, including restricted objects
    • Super User: Read / Write on all objects, including restricted objects
With Restricted Reader, Read-Only, and Read-Write rights, you can only see restricted objects if you have been added to the authorization list of that object. More details in Authorization.
  1. Access your deputies list.


Edit your profile

  1. Displayed user name. The format should be Firstname Lastname. 
  2. Your email.
This must be a valid email address in order for you to receive notifications & reminders from the system.
  1. Enable or disable all nightly notifications, including Watch It alerts and reminders for activities and payments.
  2. Select the time zone where you work. 
  3. Select the UI version. The default is v5.0, but if needed you can change it to v4.0. 

Change your password

The option to change your password is only available if you are not using LDAP or SSO authentication.

  1. Enter your current password.
  2. Enter your new password twice to confirm it and click "Save".

Manage your deputies

It's possible to select another user as your deputy. Your deputy is able to share your workload in the system by modifying projects and other objects you own. 

Note that when your deputy changes something on your behalf, it's still possible to tell which user actually made the change by reviewing the object's audit log. See the Audit Log section of this article for details.

  1. To add a deputy, click on "Choose a deputy".
  2. In the Choose Page, select your deputy from the dropdown list and click OK. 
  3. Once you select a deputy, that user's home page will display the Work As dropdown under their username:

    When the other user selects your name from the dropdown, the system will refresh the screen and display your home page on your deputy's screen. Your deputy will now be able to view and access the projects and other objects that you own, according to their user privileges as set up by the system administrator.
When your deputy, Working As you, creates a new object, your name will appear as the owner of that object.