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The Due Diligence module allows internal collaboration as well as secure data exchange during the due diligence process.

As an Administrator

License Management

A new "Guest" profile has been added to allow temporary access to the Due Diligence module.


  1. As a Guest on this module, you have a Read Only access, limited to the Overview tab, of the due diligence rooms you are invited to. You also have a full access to the Document Manager. You have no access to the linked business objects.
  2. As a Guest on all other modules, you have Read Only access, limited to the Overview tab of non-restricted objects in that module. You have no access to contained objects (e.g. reviews, documents, emails, and activities).
Do not use Guest license on all other modules, except in very specific cases identified by your Customer Success Manager.
  1. As a Readwrite on this module, you can create and edit due diligences rooms you are authorized to.
  2. As a Super User, you have the same rights as the Readwrite users, plus you have access to all of the Due Diligence Rooms via the search.
The "Readonly" and "Executive" licenses are not supported for the Due Diligence module.

As a Due Diligence Room Manager

To be able to create and manage due diligence rooms, you must have "Readwrite" or "Super user" access to the "Due Diligence" module.

You must also have Readwrite access to the In-Licensing and/or Out-Licensing modules to be able to create Due Diligence rooms.

This will enable you to involve your internal experts in the due diligence process and grant them temporary access to the confidential information.

Create an Internal Due Diligence Room

You can create a due diligence room from an in-licensing / out-licensing project via the "Quick Create" option :


Please note that it will also copy the authorization list from the original object (in-licensing / out-licensing project), except the Contact Groups.

The due diligence rooms you create are restricted by default, meaning that only users you give access to and Super Users have access to them :


  1. A due diligence room is restricted by default. This cannot be changed.
  2. Only users with Readwrite or Super User rights on the "Due Diligence" module are proposed. If you set another user other than yourself as owner, you will not be able to access the due diligence room after you click save. A notification will be sent to the new owner.
  3. Two possible choices : Active or Closed.
  4. When you type a URL in this field, it will become a clickable link.

Add members

Once created, go to the "Members" tab and then click on "Add Contact" to add the participants.
Then start typing the name of the member you want to invite to the due diligence room and select this user.

Then, thanks to roles management feature, you can have a clear overview of who is in charge of what :


The persons you are allowed to select are only application users having Guest or ReadWrite or SuperUser access to the Due Diligence Module. You cannot add a Group.

If you start typing the name of your company in this field, you will obtain the list of all contacts with correct access rights (Guest/Readwrite/Super User) for the "Due Diligence" module.



Adding members is not done through the authorization list because it does not send invite emails. So please remember to use the "Members" tab instead.

Manage my Due Diligence rooms

As the Due Diligence Room is a private place for temporary use, there is no entry in the left menu.
A tab named "My due diligences" is displayed on the Home page :

  • for users who have a Due Diligence license (Guest, Readwrite, Super User),
  • for users who are authorized (Owner, Authorized User) to a Due Diligence Room.


Close a Due Diligence room

Once the documents and comments of the various experts have been gathered and analyzed, the Due Diligence Room Manager will consolidate the results in a document to be uploaded to the Due Diligence Room.
Then he will be able to close the DD Room while communicating the final decision:


When the due diligence room is closed, all members are informed via a notification.
As a result, they no longer have access to the DD Room.

As a Due Diligence Room Member / Guest

Access to the Internal Due Diligence room

When a user is added as a member of a due diligence room, he receives an invitation by email:


He can also find all the due diligence rooms to which he is invited on his Home page:


Collaborate and share documents

You can collaborate and share your thoughts and questions with the other members via the "Comments" tab.

You can also consult and/or modify the documents added by other members and add new ones.