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In Reviews Administration, the administrator can manage review templates, review responses, response types, and color coding. Email templates used in reviews are managed in a separate section, under Administration>Email Templates.  

note: option to allow reviewers to upload supplementary documents as part of their responses to the questions. (reviews administration)

Reviews administration is found under Home>Administration>Review Administration:


Access these section to manage:

  • The list of available Response Types, or the types of responses users can choose from when adding questions to a new review, e.g. Yes/No/Maybe, 1-5, etc.
  • The list of available Responses, or the different options a response can have.
  • Responses, or the values/options that apply to each review response type, as shown below.
  • Color coding for responses
  • Review templates

Manage Responses

Managing responses and response types go hand-in-hand, in a three-step process:

  1. The administrator must first use the Response configuration to create a list of values
  2. Then, use the response type configuration to create specific response types
  3. And finally, use the Response Types management to match available values to each response type.

1. Start by navigating to Administration>Review Administration>Manage Response Type>Response. The system will display the list of available responses, as shown below.

2. A certain number of values are available by default. To change an existing value, click it, edit the text, then click Save.  

3. To create a new value, click New Response, enter the value, then click Save when done. 

Note: The changes you make to these values are applied automatically and will impact ongoing reviews. Do not make these changes without first validating them with your users. 

Manage Response Types

1. Now, navigate to Administration>Review Administration>Manage Response Type>Type.

2. A number of types are available in the application by default. These types map to the default responses available in the application. If you created new responses as per the previous section, click New Type to create a new Type for those responses, name the Type, then click Save. 

Note that this is also where the admin configures the setting that allows review participants to skip questions. 

Map Responses to Response Types

1. Navigate back to Administration>Review Administration>Manage Response Type. 

2. In the Manage Response Types Page, several mappings are available in the system by default. If you have created a new type, it will be listed on this page, and the new responses will be in the Available column for that type. Select the Responses for your new Type, then click the arrow button to move them to the Selected column. 

The system will save your changes automatically with each selection. 

Manage Colors

The Manage Colors tool allows you to rename and edit the colors that correspond to review responses. Colors are selected based on their HTML hexadecimal codes.

A number of colors are already coded in this list by default. If you added new available values as responses as per the previous section in this article, you can use some existing colors for those responses or you can edit them as needed. 

To change a color, change the Hex Code and click Save. The change will immediately be applied and displayed in the Visual Color column. 

Color names can be changed to any alpha-numeric value, but it is recommended that the naming convention be consistent, e.g. using the same prefix for all colors within the same group.

Response Color Codes

In this page, each response is mapped to a color. To change the color that maps to a response, select the new color from the Associated Color dropdown list. 

 If you created new responses as described previously in this article, they will be assigned default colors until you choose new ones. Once you select a new Associated Color, click Save to apply the change. 

Review Templates

1. Navigate back to Administration>Review Administration>Manage Response Type. 6.0.admin.1.png

2. Select the object type for the template.

3. Click New Template. The New Template form will appear:


4. Enter the required fields in the form. At least one question and answer must be answered. 

5. You can enter default participants for the template. When creating reviews from the template, the user can update the list of participants as well as the rest of the template content. 

6. Click Save when done. 

Standard Review Templates

A list of standard default templates with preconfigured questions and answers is available upon request. The use cases covered include:

  • CDA Contamination Check 
  • Request for Input on a Document
  • Request for Approval on a Document
  • Preliminary Non-Confidential Evaluation
  • Business Case Validation
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Destruction of Confidential Information
  • Alliance Health Check

If you want these templates uploaded to your Inova Classic platform, contact your Customer Success Manager.