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The Inova user interface is based on a tabular design, so similar items or objects are listed within tabs. On the homepage, object lists are also displayed in My tabs, which filter lists to those you own or have some responsibility in a related activity or task. 


On the homepage, you can click on any tab to display the corresponding list, but in most cases what you see is only a subset of the full list. To view a full list and display its action buttons, click the double-arrow "expand" icon it the top right corner of its tab. 

Other components of the homepage:

  1. In Page Settings, you can change the tabs displayed on the screen.
  2. The default tabs on the homepage are My Activities and My Reviews. These tabs allow users to quickly access and update their key tasks and deadlines and to respond more efficiently if they receive multiple review requests.
    Note: It's common for users to choose to include additional tabs on the homepage that pertain to their role, e.g. My Projects, My Agreements.
  3. The navigation bar provides navigation throughout the whole application. 

Page Settings

The homepage is configurable by user role, a.k.a. a Profile. Profiles are manged by your application administrator. With profiles, each role can have tabs displayed (or not) in specific configurations, e.g. with projects at the top of the homepage and contact groups at the bottom. In an overview screen of an object such as a project, the profile arranges and helps prioritize the basic components of the object, e.g. putting Authorization and linked Contacts at the top of the screen and Links or Status Logs at the bottom (or hiding them from view altogether).  

Each individual user is assigned a profile. But they can further decide which tabs of that profile they want to display on the page for that screen or object.

  1. List of all the available tabs which are not displayed on the page.
  2. List of all the tabs which are displayed on the page.
  3. Select a tab and click the corresponding arrow to choose to display or hide it. You can select multiple tabs by pressing and holding the CTRL key while selecting. 
  4. Click save and view changes.

All the changes you make in Page Settings are only applied to your user account--they do not impact other users.

Navigation Bar

  1. Logout of the application
  2. If someone selected you as his deputy, choosing his name from this drop-down will let you see the application data as he sees it, including restricted objects that he has access to.
  3. Go back to previously viewed pages
  4. Return to the homepage
  5. Navigation bar items can be organized into collapsible groups
  6. Blue highlighting tells you which list you are currently viewing