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Inova Classic has a connector to the Clarivate Analytics Cortellis database. When the connector is enabled, you can search for and import assets (products and compounds) as well as their associated companies from Cortellis into Inova Classic. This can be done via the advanced query form or directly from the new company form itself.

The query form is useful for searching Cortellis for multiple assets across multiple criteria, including originator companies and partners. For details on using this feature, click here

The Cortellis query feature on a company is useful when you want to avoid creating duplicate records in your Inova Classic platform. 

The Cortellis query from an individual company is described below. 

Single-object lookup on new company form

  1. On the companies list, click the New Company button. Then, start to enter the name of the company in the Name field.
  2. After you type the third letter, the system will begin to search and then propose some possible matches.
    • Matches with a connector icon inovaicon.pngcome from your Inova Classic platform. If you select one of these records, the system will refresh the screen and display the current data it already has for that company.
      Note that this means the system is also informing you whether you are already tracking that company and thus helping you to prevent from creating duplicate data.
    • Matches with the Clarivate icon claricon.png come from Cortellis and have not yet been imported into your Inova Classic platform. 

    The proposed matches will be listed in the order of:

    • The number of referenced active drugs developments
    • The number of referenced inactive drug developments
    • Alphabetical order
  3. If you select one of the Clarivate companies, the system will display the popup below, then import the current data for that record from the Cortellis database.


  4. If you don't see the company in the list, then either it does not have a corresponding record in Cortellis or the name is spelled slightly differently in that system. Try varying the spelling of the name, e.g. GlaxoSmithKline instead of GSK. If you still cannot find the name, you can still create the company manually by filling in the full name, populating the required fields, and clicking Save.