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Assets are all the products, patents, compounds, technologies or other assets that your company owns or has interest in.

In the Inova system, assets are primarily used in two cases:

Assets for licensing and other opportunity types

In a licensing use case, an asset is comprised of a set of fields that provide additional information about an opportunity, such as the therapeutic area, development phase, or clinical indication.

An asset record can be created or linked from within the opportunity overview (1) and the details viewed on the assets tab (2). 


Once created, the same asset can be used in other objects--for example, to create a second licensing opportunity with the same asset under a different clinical indication. Or if an opportunity leads to a signed deal and an agreement is created from the opportunity, the asset could be linked to the agreement. 

The asset page contains attributes of the asset--product, compound, technology, etc--while information about the deal--deal type, business unit, territory--is tracked in the opportunity.

Creating and linking assets to opportunities

From the opportunity overview screen, you can create a new asset manually, link one that already exists in the application, or import and link a new one from the Cortellis database (if the connector is enabled in your application). 

  1. Open the opportunity in edit mode.

  1. In the Assets field, begin to type the name of the asset. The system will search the database and propose some matches. These are assets that already exist in the system. If the one you want to link to the opportunity appears in the list, click the name to create the link.
  2. If the asset doesn't exist in the database, you can create a new one by clicking on the plus button. A New Asset page will appear:

  1. Enter the name of the asset. The application will search for duplicates, as shown below:

  • If the system finds a duplicate that's already in your application, it will display it with the Inova icon. When you select this option, the existing asset data will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you have the Clarivate connector enabled, the system will also search the Cortellis database for a match and  highlight those matches with the Cortellis icon. When you select one of these options, the asset data from Clarivate will be imported and a new asset created. 
  • If you don't see the asset you want to create in the search results at all, type in the full name and continue through the steps below.
  1. Choose the relevant asset type. Note that asset type has a business rule which changes the attributes of the object based on your selection. In the above screenshot, Compound was selected. In the screenshot below, Technology was selected:

  1. Populate the rest of the fields as needed.
  2. Be sure to click Save on the asset AND on the opportunity!

It is also possible to create assets by importing them from Clarivate's Cortellis database. For more details, check this article.

Assets list  

Some customer configurations, especially for those companies tracking assets imported from Cortellis, include Assets as a separate list accessible via a link in the menu, as shown below:


From the assets list, you can create a new asset manually by clicking New Asset. In this case, the same duplicate / Cortellis search feature is also available in the Name field:


Lastly, when assets are managed as distinct objects, they can include linked contacts, documents, and emails. You can also collaborate and share tasks related to assets using reviews and activities