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Inova Classic has a connector to the Clarivate Analytics Cortellis database. When this connector is enabled, you can search for and import assets (products and compounds) and their related companies from Cortellis into the Inova Classic system. This can be done via the advanced query form or directly from the new asset form itself.

The query form is useful for searching Cortellis for multiple assets across multiple criteria, especially in a competitive intelligence use case. For details on using this feature, click here

The Cortellis query feature on an asset is useful when you want to search for an asset specifically by name or synonym and if you want to avoid creating duplicate records in your Inova Classic platform. 

The Cortellis query from an individual asset is described below. 

Single-asset lookup on new asset form

  1. Put the opportunity you are working on in Edit mode, then click the plus button next to the assets field.

  2. In the New Asset form, begin entering in the asset name:


    As you enter the name, the query feature will automatically begin suggesting matches.

    • Matches with a connector icon inovaicon.pngcome from your Inova Classic platform. If you select one of these records, the system will refresh the screen and display the current data it already has for that asset.
      Note that this means the system is also informing you whether you are already tracking that asset and thus helping you to prevent from creating duplicate data. 
    • Matches with the Clarivate icon claricon.png come from Cortellis and have not yet been imported into your Inova Classic platform. If you select one of these records, the system will import the current data for that record from the Cortellis database. 

    The proposed matches are listed in order of last modified date.

  3. When you select the asset to import, the system will refresh the screen and populate the fields of the asset form with the data in Cortellis. If the company linked to the asset in Cortellis did not previously exist in your Inova Classic system, the connector will import the company record as well and link it to the asset. 

Single-asset query from existing asset in Inova

If you have already created an asset in the system, you can link it at any time to a record in the Cortellis database. 

  1. Click on the asset name to display its overview screen.
  2. Click Connect to Cortellis.
  3. Using the text in the name field, the system will query Cortellis to find a match. It will search for assets containing the same text in the name, synonym, and scientific summary fields.
  4. Click the ID of the asset of interest to view the full record to be imported.
  5. If this is the asset you want to import, check the box to Select it. If it's not, click Close, then click Modify Query to change the query criteria using the advanced query form.
  6. Once you have selected the asset you want to import and link, click Connect. As shown below, the data brought over from Cortellis will populate the Cortellis Data tab, not the Overview tab, so the information imported will not overwrite what you had previously entered. 


Updates from Cortellis

To run an update query on a single asset that you imported or connected to Cortellis, click the Update from Cortellis button:


Any fields that are updated will display the update date in red.

Your Inova administrator can also configure a scheduled update of all the imported Cortellis data in one go. Contact your administrator for details.

Note that updates to Cortellis data linked to Watched assets will trigger notifications. This means you can import an asset, put it on hold for the time being, then receive an alert when it moves to the next development phase or is classified under a new indication that better fits your company's BD strategy.