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Portal Opportunities

A portal opportunity is an opportunity submitted to the Inova application via an external portal. It allows people other than Inova application users to submit assets to your company for evaluation.

The external portal can be built and installed by your internal IT as part of your corporate website or built and deployed by Inova. If your Inova application does not include a portal and you need to have one implemented, please contact your Inova Customer Success Manager.

How the Opportunity Portal works for submitters

An example of the Inova version of the portal is shown below.

Step 1/2 : Contact information

At this stage of the registration process the submitter need to enter his own contact details.
These details are used at step 2/2 to create a new contact in your Inova Platform and can thus be re-used for future opportunity submissions.


  1. These fields will allow us to automatically create a new contact in the Inova application.
  2. Note that the company will not be automatically created in the Inova application to avoid duplicates. This field will be used later by the reviewer to know to which company the contact must be linked.
  3. This email address is used to confirm the submitter's registration details and then for all other communications that may take place during the process.
At this stage, no contact has yet been created in your Inova application.

When the details are completed then the submitter has to click on the "Continue" button to proceed.

Step 2/2 : Opportunity information

Then the submitter need to enter the details of the opportunity he wishes to submit to your Company, including supporting documentation. He also has to accept the standard Terms and Conditions.


  1. This will be the name of the Portal Opportunity created in your Inova application.
  2. Depending on what is selected for these fields, the opportunity created will be automatically assigned to the right person (user) within your company.
    To be defined with your Inova Customer Success Manager during the implementation of the Opportunity Portal.
  3. This will be the description of the Portal Opportunity created in your Inova application.
    Please note that this field is limited to 1333 characters.
  4. The submitter can add some not confidential documents to support his request.
    List of accepted file formats : PDF, PPT, JPEG, PNG, Excel and Word.
    Maximum upload size in total is 8MB.
  5. Please note that the "Terms and Conditions" text can be personalized.
    To be validated by your Legal team and then implemented by your Inova Customer Success Manager during the implementation of the Opportunity Portal.
  6. We added captchas to help protect your opportunity portal against bots and other automated means of inter-acting with the portal and thus prevent from automatically completing the registration process.
  7. Once the submitter clicks on "Submit", the following message is displayed to him and he also receives a confirmation number by email for his submission:



How the Opportunity Portal works for reviewers

Once the submitter clicks on "Submit", the data is pushed into the Inova application as a new contact and new portal opportunity:


  1. You can restrict access by modifying this field and then managing the permissions.
  2. The opportunity is automatically assigned to the person with the appropriate expertise. This automatic assignment is done according to the criteria selected by the submitter for the following fields : "Opportunity Type", "Development Phase" and "Therapeutic Area".
  3. This field is there for informational purposes only.
    It helps you to fill in the "Company" field for the opportunity as well as the contact newly created.
  4. Two options are possible: declined or Converted.
  5. This is the number of days spent between each status change.

Note that you can find the submitter in the "Contacts" tab:

The documents sent by the submitter are available in the "Documents" tab:

If you decide to decline the opportunity

  1. Edit the opportunity.
  2. Change its status to "declined".
  3. Click "Save".
  4. Then go to the "Contacts" tab.
  5. Select the contact who submitted the opportunity.
  6. Click on "Email":
  7. Then inform the submitter of your decision via our email template.
    This template can be personalized if needed.
  8. If you select the "Save a copy of this email" option, you will find this email in the "Emails" tab.

If you decide to pursue the opportunity

  1. Edit the opportunity.
  2. Change its status to "Converted".
  3. Fill in the "Company" field by selecting one from the list or creating a new one via the plus button.
  4. Click "Save" when done. 
  5. It can then be enriched with details from ReviewsDocuments and Emails.You can also use Activities
  6. Create the related in-licensing opportunity.
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